Say Hello To Stinky Pinky Three

Eat Race Die Is always an event for the books. With all of the biggest names being associated with Eat Race Die Productions. This weekend at Fayetville Dragway there was one very special guest. Disco Dean the man the myth the legend. Disco Dean is a great guy and its always a good time when he is around. This last weekend though he brought out a special treat for everyone to see.HIS NEW CAR!!  Stinky Pinky Three.


With the signature Belt Slap blower baffles and the bright pink in your face.  This Chevelle is no joke with a monster engine and a monster blower this pink beast is both show and go. The incredible part is that Disco Dean and his awesome pink covered crew got the car put together in four days just to make it to Eat Race Die.

Taking on John Doe in the first round Stinky Pinky Three had a few kinks to work out. In the interview with Mr. Disco Dean he mentions that the car has no way to map the race or pass so all tuning is being done by reading spark plugs and just plane experience. So  after the first loss Disco Dean and his crew decided they wanted a rematch and called out John Doe for a rematch. You be the judge on how well Stinky Pinky Preformed.


What do you think of Stinky Pinky Three? Would you drive a Barbie Pink racecar? Let us know in the comments. Special thanks to Disco Dean and his whole crew they are great guys and we can’t wait to see what this car is capable of once it is completely lined out.


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