14yr Old Driver Shows Off For Street Outlaw Daddy Dave and Chuck

One of the most important things we as racers can do is try to pass on the tradition of racing. Most young teenagers are busy with video games or there cell phone. With most you have to pry the phone out of there hand with a crowbar. Well not the young man it this video. Meet young Bradley. He is 14 years old and has been racing since he was 12. While most 14 year old kids would kill for a car at all Bradley get to get behind of wheel of this beautiful two tone s10. Not only is the truck nice to look at but is pretty quick as well.


Bradley put down some very consistent times and also looked good on the tree. With all this being impressive enough Bradley got to do something not all racers get to do. Two of the spectators were not just normal racers or fans of the sport, but rather Street Outlaws Stars Daddy Dave and Chuck. The two stars were there doing and exhibition event. Most drivers would love the chance to show off there driving skills for these guys and that is exactly what Bradley did. The sky is the limit for this young driver and we can not wait to see how good he is after more time and experience.


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