405 #1 Chuck and The Death Trap Have a Message For the 405 About Season 10!!!

On June 3rd 2017 Chuck for the number one spot holder on the 405’s top 10 list sent out a message for the rest of the 405 pertaining to season 10.  Both Chuck and Daddy Dave were on site with plans to run a best two out of three. While the treat of rain ran the event somewhat out of time only two of the races were able to go down. The first race went down with Chuck and The Death Trap taking the win. In true big tire Death Trap fashion the 60-ft put down by the Death Trap was insane. Most think that a turbo car can not 60-ft, but the Death Trap is more than certainly the proof that this concept is not true. The second race went down somewhat different. With Death Trap hitting a red light start.

The true fireworks came during the post event interview where Chuck the current leader of the 405’s top 10 list made sure that people and the other racers on the list know he does not plan on moving from number 1. You watch for yourself and let us know what you think? Will Chuck keep his number 1 spot? We will see come season 10!!

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