About Us

Our Story

We here have been working on, building, racing, and customizing cars now for a few years. The idea for this sight was brought about just by some of us friends getting together on the weekends wanting to race and have some fun. We started off just filming a few races here and there just like most racers so we could show off a little and maybe brag about a win here and there. That has now grown into an urge to get more people excited and into this growing sport. We will strive to get the most bad ass races possible and to show off the most amazing builds might even get a product review or two in there.

Our Past 

We started off at the track and on the street doing what we love. Racing and checking out awesome builds wither that was race cars, street cars, or show cars, tucks, or whatever caught our eye. Always trying to get all the information we could from those who know it best the people who build them. Eventually we started to film and photograph as much as we could. Realizing how fun it was to share everything we come across with other auto enthusiasts 6sixty2 racing was born.