Baddest Motorcycle Launch Ever!! Or At Least Best Impression

People see so much racing and so much about the cars and trucks and motorcycles involved. Sometimes I think it can be forgotten or never seen just how much fun it can be in the staging lanes with the right people around. Sometimes we get to cut up and just laugh and have a good time. At Dirty South No Prep Season Opener in Gulport that was the case a lot with great people all around you are bound to have lots of laughs and memorable moments. Like when this gentleman decided he was going to give a lesson to the Motorcycle racers in the staging lanes. The fact that he did not have a Motorcycle to show them on definitely did not discourage him from laying down the knowledge and putting down one of the funniest motorcycle impressions and launches we have ever seen? What do you guys think should we get him on two true wheels and let him give it a shot or should he just stick to them impressions? You be the judge.


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