Birdman, Jerry Bird, Stinky Pinky, Kayla Morton and more This is One Big Name Second Round

Fat Tuesday weekend at Hub City Dragway is one event that can not be ignored. Some of the biggest name racers that there are make sure to show up and show out. Names like Kye Kelly, Birdman, Stinky Pinky, Jerry  Bird, Kayla Morton, Scott Taylor and more were in attendance. There were four classes being raced that weekend, Big Tire, Small tire, True Street, and 6.0 classes. While there were many amazing cars in the other three classes the big tire event was definitely something to see. With names like John Doe and Kye Kelly being knocked out in the first round the second round was set to have the drivers pushing there cars even harder. First up in round 2 we have Daniel Ferrouillat vs Brian Murphy. Followed by Jerry Bird vs Kayla Morton. Next up Baron Nicholson vs Swampthing. Last but not least Birdman vs Stinky Pinky. All of these cars make massive power and are extremely fast. So stay tuned for the semi finals and see who takes home the prize in the finals.

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