Brent Self Takes On Flaco On In Cornfed 2.0 DSNP Season Opener

Race season is in full effect now and all of the fast cars are showing up and showing out. This last weekend at Gulfport Dragway was the season opener of Dirty South No Prep. Some amazing cars were there and man they were making some great passes. One of the most anticipated racers to be seen was none other than Flaco and Cornfed 2.0.  With not only new paint but a new engine and still those bird catcher turbos the truck looks and preforms amazingly. In the other lane as Flaco this round was the man Brent Self and his crazy fast silver catfish Camaro. This was a race people were excited to see with these two small tire legends battling. Let us know who you would be pulling for and check out the video and see who actually takes it.



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