Convertible Big Tire Drag Car! Don’t See Many Of Those!

In the racing world the name Camaro is nothing new and to the Camaro the word Convertible is nothing new. While that might be the case you do not see to may convertibles as drag racing cars. Well feast your eyes on this beauty. 1968 Camaro convertible drag car.

Showing up at Jackson Dragway on a normal day to enjoy some great racing and to get more footage when we came across this beautiful Camaro. First thing that caught our eye is the immaculate red paint. Not to mention the missing top. Mr. Bobby Thompson the owner of this car has been enjoying this beauty for quite some time now. While building and racing the car “all the time” as he states. We are sure by the looks of he car that it has been a labor of love. Pushing the red convertible is a 481 big block  and it seems to get the job done.

At this event Mr. Thompson was running in the 6.0 index class but we are sure that the car still has much more left in it. Eaither way we know Mr. Thompson has a blast with his red convertible and we cannot wait to see what is coming next for it.


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