Fans Get Sprayed With Flaming Race Fuel!!!

Anyone into racing know that it is a dangerous sport. Not only sometimes to just the racers. There have been many instances in racing such as in Nascar during a crash when parts and pieces of a car will get thrown into the crowd. This is one of the scarier parts of being a spectator and no one ever wishes for it to happen, but it does unfortunately. In Australia though the worst thing possible was thrown in to the crowd at a burnout competition. FLAMING FUEL!!! That’s right as this smoke spitting Aussi was melting some rubber the car somehow sprays burning race fuel all over the nearby observers.

With reports of twelve people being left with burn and one gentleman in critical condition and eight of the others in the hospital. This is one scary showing. The event was shut down after the incident and police are investigating what exactly caused the fire shower. This  could have been much worse though and we hope for a speedy recovery for all those involved.

Check out the video From The Telegraph and draw your on conclusion as to what you think happened.

Video Credit: The Telegraph

Thumbnail from video.  Credit:  The Telegraph

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