Flaco Taking Down People On 7 Cylinders!!!!! WOW!!

Flaco Taking Down People On 7 Cylinders!!!!! WOW!!

We all know that Flaco is one bad man with Cornfed the twin turbo LS s10. Well this video shows just how tough that truck really is. DSNP San Antonio was where Cornfed showed its true grit. Running a turbo foxbody mustang Cornfed sounds like it is on it’s last leg. In the previous pass the little s10 that could suffered a major internal hit. That did not stop Flaco though he decided to push the twin turbo ls and just see what happens. Making it all the way to the finals to face Boosted Gt. Both of the last two races were completely on 7 cylinders. It is insane to think that Cornfed could be so fast with such a major issue internally. Maybe there is something more to an LS after all?

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