Jeff Lutz and Kamikaze Show Off At Jackson Dragway. Lutz Makes 197mph Pass!! Ride Along!

So we all know that Jeff Lutz car Mad Max is one bad machine. And the Elco is no joke. So this last weekend the two squared off at Jackson Dragway in Jackson Tennessee and what a show it was! Making two passes both cars looked amazing. The Elco putting down two very good passes. And Jeff Lutz hitting 197 mph. We were curious what do you was so stuck a GoPro on Mad Max and wow what a ride! One thing is for sure both of these cars are something to watch.

These two amazing guys were great to talk to and did an amazing job at Jackson Dragway. Not only are the cars something to watch but also they were a blast to hang out with. Putting on a great show for the fans. There was even a special guest there lending a hand to Jeff Lutz. The one and only IHRA superstar Clay Millican. Coming down to what is a special track to him to help out Mr. Lutz. We were glad to meet this legend and great guy.


We are looking forward to the next time we get to watch these two awesome cars go down the track and get to hang out with some great Street Outlaws. So Thanks guys until next time.

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