Jon Westin Just Wants To Race For His 8th Birthday!!! So Break Out The Junior Dragster!!

At Holiday Raceway in Woodstock Alabama while filming a promod event we’ve run across one awesome kid. His name was Jon Westin. He was turning eight years old yesterday. Most eight year old kids would want to be playing a PlayStation or Xbox or maybe having some big birthday party. But not Jon, instead he wanted to be at the race track racing in a junior dragster. We saw nothing but a smile on his face from getting to do that. While he may not have won the event that was not what was important. He absolutely loves what he does and passion breeds excellence. More Young kids need to get into the sport of junior dragster racing. This is something that we here at 6sixty2 Racing firmly believe kids are where the future of our sport lies. With almost every track allowing Junior Dragsters to run at some point or another it is an amazing way to get kids into racing. Not only is it a great way to get kids into racing but it also is a great family pastime. So we here at 6sixty2 Racing  just want to say happy birthday Jon Westin and keep on racing!


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