Kelvin Brown Shows Off His 1800hp Firebire- Bad Bird- And Clay Millican Was There To Wittness It!!

Sat, July 15th 2017 At Jackson Dragway there were plenty of starts in the house with Street Outlaws Stars Jeff Lutz and Kamikaze Chris in the house there was also one other very special guest. Six time IHRA top fuel champion Clay Millican. Coming down to Jackson Dragway in order to lend a hand to legend Jeff Lutz, Clay also got to watch some other amazing cars and drivers. One of witch was Kelvin Brown and his big tire nitrous firebird named Bad Bird.

Bad Bird is a big tire nitrous firebird making 1800 horspower. Not only does it make good power but it also puts the power down. Making some very fast passes. Kelvin and Bad Bird went on to win the night in the big tire class. The challenges do not stop there though because Kelvin and Bad Bird have a big race coming up aginst no other that the most feared man of no prep Birdman!

So coming up on August 26th we cannot wait to see this battle of the birds! It is going to be one amazing race. Nitrous vs Turbo, Firebird vs Firebird.

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