Ride Along With Kye Kelly !!!

Most of us have no idea what it is like to move at the speeds a 2000 hp car and do. The G-forces, and the speeds it is capable of is mind blowing. With cars getting faster and faster and the public seeing more and more of what it is like. Anyone into racing and going fast would love to ride along with most of the guys from street outlaws. Well here is your chance, we caught up with the man Kye Kelly himself at Holly Springs Dragway. While he did not win the day he did make a few passes and let us ride along (our go pro at least). Making two test passes and a race against Shawty a very fast nitrous foxbody mustang. Shawty and the extremely sticky prepped track played out to be to much on Kye’s Big tire Shocker,but it was still a blast to watch.

The house was packed and the starting line was covered up with spectators but we had the best view in he house. Right along with the big horsepower Shocker. It is incredible to see how hard that car comes off of the line. With it covering the 60ft in a flash. The only thing missing is is the ability to feel the G-forces. So if you want to see what it is like to launch off of the line that fast and see how fast things happen like loss of traction here is your chance.

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