Suprastang Is Back And Ripping Up The Track!

A 600HP 2JZ Swapped Mustang picking up the front tires is anything but your normal build. Most build a 5.0 or maybe even ls swap one. But this is Suprastang it is powered by a Toyota 2jz inline six cylinder with a 67mm single turbo. making over 600HP and over 700ft lbs of torque. Making all that power with stock bottom end, 272 cams, 67mm turbo and a 400 turbo transmission. Suprastang was built to eat on the street. It is by far one of the smoothest boosting cars we have had the pleasure of riding in. You can also see it is quick even the GPS speedometer could not keep up. The owner and driver Russel Stubblefield stated in the interview that he wanted to get the front tires off of the ground, and that is exactly what he did. Pulling an impressive 60ft it can only be imagined what Suprastang will be capable of when it is turned up past 28psi of boost. It is a build we here at 6sixty2 Racing absolutely love. We can’t wait to see what is next for Suprastang, but we have a very sneaky feeling that it is only going to get faster!

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If you are intrested in some of the parts used on this build here some links to check out!

Hoosier Tires

Precision 67mm Turbo


Video was shot on this camera: CLICK HERE!


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