Turbo Foxbody Mustang Gets Sketchy Aginst Turbo DSM All Wheel Drive On The Streets

Set to be one for the books this is a boost on boost race. With a modified 1st generation eagle Talon turbo, all wheel drive takes on a turbo foxbody mustang. The Talon is one of the most well known import tuners in the world with a very effective all wheel drive system and a inline 4cyl turbo that when properly modified can put down some serious numbers. This particular DSM with upgraded turbo, intercooler,injectors and tune can put down some serious power to all four wheels. The mustang has long been a favorite among racers light weight body and relatively easily modified they are a great starting platform.  This particular foxbody had a built for boost 302 with aluminum heads, cam, upgraded pistons and rods and and lets not forget the 70mm on3 turbo. This match up one to watch!


Video recorded with this camera click here.

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