Underground Racing Twin Turbo Lamborghini Huracan Sets New World Record 256.99 MPH Standing Half Mile

Most car lovers or lovers of anything fast or exciting know about a Lamborghini Huracan they are some of the fastest and most recognizable cars made today. With there amazingly beautiful body lines and that one of a kind sound, any time one of these monsters pull up on the street or track peoples heads turn. Well the Underground Racing Twin Turbo Huracan is even more of a head turner. At  Shift Sector Indy Airstrip Attack here recently The UGR Huracan showed just how amazing it truly is. Setting a new standing 1/2 mile world record going 256.99 miles per hour. There is more to come we are sure for the Underground Racing Twin Turbo Huracan. What do you guys think would you like to see more from this beast?


Video Credit: Underground Racing

Thumbnail from video.  Credit: Underground Racing

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